What Size Restroom Trailer Do I Need?

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Who Needs a Long-Term Mobile Bathroom Provider?

Organizers of annual events and contractors that move from project to project value reliable mobile bathroom suppliers. A reliable partner will plan ahead to make sure there is availability. They will also use experience to account for unique logistical needs as well. Some commercial projects require very specific pump out and delivery times. An annual event could have additional logistics that must be planned for prior. As a result, experience matters in providing seamless services over the course of a season or year after year.

Long-term rentals work great for businesses undergoing construction, weddings, worksites and even unexpected emergencies. Trailers offer luxury and comfort for groups without restroom facilities. They’re perfect for providing a relaxing, ample space to use in private, improving the bathroom experience compared to small portable toilets. Climate-controlled facilities are the ideal solution for long-term bathroom needs.

A Long-Term Partnership Ensures a Portable Restroom Will Be Available

This year the mobile bathroom industry has seen an extraordinary amount of demand. From people who host events and contractors that remodel commercial restrooms, demand has outpaced supply. Long-term relationships require a supplier to ensure availability. This is important because there might not be another local provider. An organizer of an annual fundraiser can rest assured knowing mobile bathrooms will be provided when there are no existing facilities.

Renting vs. Leasing Restroom Trailers

If you’re wondering how restroom trailers work, the answer depends on whether you rent or lease. The cost of renting a restroom trailer varies depending on how long you need it, the number of trailers you request and the size of the trailers. Pick options that properly accommodate your needs to get the best results.

Renting a trailer is better for short-term events and operations. Weddings, meetings and gatherings are perfect for rentals since they only last a few hours. Leasing is ideal for more extended needs like construction jobs or natural disasters. Leasing allows you to use trailers for ample time, providing your site with comfort for as long as possible.

Contractors who remodel retail restrooms typically finish a project in 4-8 weeks and then move on to the next store. A contractor may have 10 or more stores that will be remodeled in a year. A reliable provider will ensure a portable restroom continues to be available. They will also be able to accommodate the project’s unique requirements.

Tips for Long-Term Restroom Rentals

When looking for a long-term restroom rental, use these tips for the best experience:

  • Size up to maximize comfort
  • Make sure you’re close to sources of water and electricity
  • Rent ADA-compliant trailers if necessary
  • Keep the event in mind, including how often the restrooms will be available for use
  • Rent enough trailers to accommodate all the men and women on the site

For more information on choosing the best long-term trailers, check out our guide to long-term restroom rentals. Find the best pricing, sizes and trailer options for a high-quality, comfortable trailer experience.

Stahla Services has experience in helping contractors who schedule multiple retail remodels. We also provide restroom trailers for large annual events year after year. Our service doesn’t stop after the initial rental as we follow up and plan for your needs in the future as well. Email us, or get a quote and rent a restroom trailer today!

Tips for Long-Term Restroom Rentals
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