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Transform your event or worksite with our high-end portable restroom, shower, and laundry trailers. As America’s leading choice, we ensure unmatched quality and service in every rental. Discover the gold standard in portable sanitation solutions with Stahla Services.

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Explore Premier Mobile Hygiene Solutions with Stahla

Explore our top-tier mobile hygiene solutions at Stahla Services. From luxurious restroom trailers to efficient laundry units and essential decontamination trailers, we provide a diverse selection tailored to meet any requirement. Each trailer is designed with premium amenities, ensuring comfort, sophistication, and peace of mind.

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Meet Stahla: Elevating Your Experience with Luxury Restroom Trailers

At Stahla Services, we’re not just a family-run business; we’re innovators in providing luxury restroom solutions that add a touch of elegance to your events. 

Rooted in the heart of the Midwest, our ethos is built on community, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We specialize in transforming ordinary locations into extraordinary experiences with our high-end restroom trailers, meticulously designed for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction. 

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Experience unmatched luxury and convenience with our premier restroom trailers, tailored for exceptional experiences. Every detail, from sophisticated design to top-tier amenities, is crafted to elevate events of any scale. 
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Features and Amenities of Our Trailer Rentals

At Stahla Services, we understand that the success of your event hinges on the details. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide not just restroom trailers, but exceptional experiences. From elegant interior designs to state-of-the-art sanitation standards, climate control, and unmatched customer support, discover how our restroom trailers stand out in delivering a premier service experience.

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Portable restroom trailers by building.
Luxurious Interior Design
Elegant interiors that mirror the sophistication of high-end venues, ensuring your guests enjoy premium comfort.
Comprehensive Sanitation Standards
Advanced hygiene protocols for spotless, sanitized spaces, safeguarding the well-being of every guest.
Climate-Controlled Environments
 Perfectly regulated temperatures for year-round comfort, regardless of the weather outside.
Seamless Service and Support
Dedicated assistance from setup to takedown, guaranteeing a stress-free rental experience for every event.

Nationwide Restroom Trailer Rentals

Stahla Services proudly offers luxury washroom trailer rentals in 17 states, delivering our signature blend of elegance, comfort, and exceptional service across the nation.

From bustling city events to tranquil rural gatherings, our trailers enhance any setting. Use our interactive map below to explore detailed information and rental options in your state.

Elevate your next event with Stahla, wherever you are.

FAQs Answered

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

How does the rental process work?

  • Contact us via phone, email, or our website’s “Get A Quote” feature for pricing and information.
  • Upon booking, receive an electronic deposit invoice for easy online payment.
  • Our delivery technician will schedule a specific delivery time.
  • On arrival, technicians will demonstrate the restroom or shower trailer functions.
  • All trailers feature air conditioning, heating, running water, flushing toilets, and lighting. 
  • For after-hours issues, our responsive support is available through a dedicated helpline.

What capacities do your restroom trailers offer for events?

Our restroom trailers are designed to accommodate various event sizes and durations. For roughly 5-hour events, the capacities are as follows:

  • 1-Stall ADA: Up to 100 guests
  • 2-Stall: Up to 180 guests
  • 3-Stall (ADA): Up to 250 guests
  • 4-Stall: Up to 360 guests
  • 8-Stall: Up to 600 guests
  • 10-Stall: Up to 750 guests

Can your restroom trailers be used on jobsites? What are the capacities?

Yes, our restroom trailers are perfect for jobsites, offering the following daily capacities based on a weekly pump-out schedule:

  • 1-Stall ADA: 13 users/day
  • 2-Stall: 25 users/day
  • 3-Stall (ADA): 35 users/day
  • 4-Stall: 50 users/day
  • 8-Stall: 85 users/day
  • 10-Stall: 100 users/day Note: More frequent service options are available upon request.

What are the power and water requirements for the restroom trailers?

All our trailers require a 110v 20 amp circuit connection, with all necessary adapters and cords provided. The water connection needs are a hose bib or garden hose within 250 feet, though alternative water transport options are available for locations beyond this range.

How should the site be prepared for restroom trailer placement?

For optimal placement, we require flat, accessible terrain. Our trailers can also be placed inside buildings, provided there is sufficient door clearance. Our trailers offer significant advantages over traditional plastic portable toilets, such as reduced odors.

When should I make a reservation, and what is the process?

We recommend making a reservation two months in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability. Our reservation process includes a 50% deposit or the first month’s invoice for long-term rentals. Confirmation will be sent via email, with a check-in a week before delivery to finalize details.

What is the delivery and pick-up schedule for the restroom trailers?

Delivery is typically scheduled the day before your event or need, with pick-up the day after. For weekend events, we aim for Friday delivery and Monday pick-up, offering flexibility for commercial projects to accommodate schedule changes.

What happens after I make a reservation?

After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. We maintain contact leading up to your event to ensure all details are up-to-date and your needs are fully met.

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