Renting a Portable Toilet and Shower Trailer: The Benefits and Costs

A white cargo trailer and a portable toilet and shower rental parked in a vehicle lot with an American flag in the background.

Portable toilets and shower trailers are indispensable when providing essential facilities for various events and construction projects.

These modern, convenient amenities offer a high level of comfort and hygiene while meeting the demands of diverse applications.

This post will explore the realm of portable sanitation, looking at different facets such as types, advantages, costs, and where to get them.

As you read further, you’ll discover how renting a portable toilet and shower trailer can significantly improve your guests’ experience at outdoor weddings or streamline operations on commercial construction sites.

We will also explore various types of trailers available in the market that cater to specific needs – from luxury restroom units for upscale events to durable options designed for heavy-duty usage.

Lastly, we’ll provide insights on finding reliable providers in your area and discuss factors influencing rental costs so that you can make informed decisions when planning your next event or project requiring temporary bathroom facilities.

What is a Portable Toilet and Shower Trailer?

A portable toilet and shower trailer is an innovative solution that combines the convenience of both a portable toilet and a portable shower into one unit.

These trailers are designed to give users easy access to essential sanitation facilities, making them perfect for various events or projects where traditional restrooms are unavailable.

The primary components of these trailers include:

  • Portable toilets: Equipped with waste tanks, ventilation systems, and ample toilet paper supplies.
  • Portable showers: Offering hot water supply, adjustable pressure settings, and drainage solutions.
  • Portable sinks: Featuring running water for handwashing along with soap dispensers.
Compact bathroom with shower, sink, and white curtain.

In addition to these basic amenities, some luxury models offer advanced features such as air conditioning or heating systems for enhanced comfort.

Renting portable toilets and shower trailers can significantly improve the overall experience at any event by providing guests with convenient access to clean restroom facilities on-site.

A portable toilet and shower trailer is a great way to provide sanitation services in areas that don’t have traditional restroom facilities.

With the many benefits of renting such trailers, it’s no wonder why they are becoming increasingly popular for events, construction sites, and other outdoor activities.

Benefits of Renting a Portable Toilet and Shower Trailer

Renting a portable toilet and shower trailer can be beneficial for many different types of events or projects.

It provides guests with the convenience of having both facilities in one unit, which can save time and money.

Having both facilities in one unit eliminates the need to make multiple trips, allowing guests to access them quickly and with ease.

  • Convenience: With portable toilets and showers combined into one unit, users can easily access both amenities without needing separate rentals.
  • Time-Saving: Guests won’t waste time searching for restrooms or showers at large events like outdoor weddings or commercial construction sites.
  • Affordability: By renting just one trailer instead of individual porta potties and portable sinks, you may reduce overall costs associated with your event’s sanitation needs.
  • Variety: Choose from basic models offering essential features such as toilets, showers, and mirrors, or opt for luxury trailers equipped with air conditioning, heating systems, music systems, televisions, and more, catering to diverse preferences.
Row of white refrigerated trailers in storage lot.

Our trailers are equipped with toilet paper and other necessary supplies, ensuring guests have everything they need for a comfortable experience.

Contact us today to learn more about our portable toilet and shower trailer rentals.

The benefits of renting a portable toilet and shower trailer are numerous, from convenience to cost savings.

Considering the many advantages of renting a portable restroom and shower trailer, let’s look at the available varieties.

Types of Portable Toilet and Shower Trailers

Many portable toilet and shower trailers are available, accommodating various requirements and preferences.

Some common options include:

  • Basic models: These units offer essential amenities such as toilets, showers, portable sinks, mirrors, and more. They are ideal for budget-conscious event planners or construction sites.
  • Luxury models: For those seeking a more upscale experience, luxury trailers come equipped with air conditioning, heating systems, music systems, televisions, and other high-end features that elevate the user’s comfort level.
  • Eco-friendly models: Environmentally conscious users can opt for eco-friendly portable sanitation solutions that utilize solar power or water-saving technologies to minimize their environmental impact.

No matter your specific requirements or preferences regarding renting portable toilets and shower trailers, an option is tailored just for you.

Stahla offers a variety of portable sanitation solutions, including portable toilets, bathroom rentals, and portable sinks.

Our porta potties have toilet paper and other amenities to ensure a comfortable guest or worker experience.

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There are various options when considering the type of portable toilet and shower trailer that is best for your needs.

From basic models to luxury trailers with all the bells and whistles, you can find something perfect for any event or project.

Now let’s look at where you can find these rental units around the United States.

Where Can You Find Portable Toilet and Shower Trailers?

With numerous rental companies in the United States, finding portable toilet and shower trailers for your event or project is easier than you might think. These companies offer various options to suit various needs, from basic units to luxury models with additional amenities.

To find a reputable provider, consider searching online using keywords such as portable toilets, renting portable toilets, or bathroom rentals.

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Many rental companies provide delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about transporting the trailer.

Some even offer setup assistance, ensuring everything is ready for use upon arrival at your location.

When searching for a suitable company, inquire about their delivery radius and associated fees before deciding.

For a tailored approach, some providers can submit an inquiry form on their website with details such as the type of unit needed and contact information to receive pricing estimates.

Portable toilet and shower trailers can be found in many rental companies across the United States.

The price of a portable restroom or shower trailer rental is contingent on multiple elements, such as size, amenities, place, and lease length.

Fleet of RAM trucks with white Stahla trailers parked.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Portable Toilet and Shower Trailer?

The cost of renting a portable toilet and shower trailer can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the unit, the amenities included, and the length of the rental period needed.

Generally, most rentals will range from $999 to $4,499 per day. Some factors that may affect pricing include:

  • Type of trailer: Basic models with essential amenities like toilets, showers, sinks, and mirrors might be more affordable than luxury models featuring air conditioning or heating systems.
  • Rental duration: The longer you need to rent the unit for your event or project, the more likely you will receive discounted rates.
  • Delivery and setup fees: Some companies offer delivery services so you don’t have to worry about transporting the trailer. Additionally, some may even provide setup services for an extra fee.

To find competitive prices in your area while ensuring quality service, Stahla Services offers restroom and shower trailers throughout the United States catering to various needs, including commercial construction projects or outdoor weddings.

FAQs in Relation to Portable Toilet and Shower

Are Portable Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

Potable toilets are environmentally friendly as they use less water than traditional restrooms.

They also help prevent the spread of diseases by containing human waste in a sanitary manner. Many companies offer eco-friendly options like solar-powered units and biodegradable chemicals for cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Portable Restrooms?

The benefits of portable restrooms include convenience, improved sanitation, cost-effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, and versatility. They can be easily installed at various locations, such as construction sites or outdoor events, without requiring permanent infrastructure.

What Are the Disadvantages of Porta Potties?

The disadvantages of porta potties include limited capacity, potential odor issues if not maintained properly, lack of privacy compared to traditional bathrooms, and susceptibility to vandalism or theft. However, proper maintenance and choosing high-quality units can mitigate these drawbacks.

What Is the Future of Portable Toilets?

The future of portable toilets includes technological advancements, such as self-cleaning systems, waterless urinals, solar power usage for lighting and ventilation purposes, and more sustainable materials used in their construction.


Portable toilets and shower trailers are excellent solutions for those needing temporary bathroom facilities.

They offer numerous benefits, including convenience, cleanliness, and affordability. Various types of portable toilets and shower trailers are available to suit different needs.

If you’re planning a construction project or outdoor event, such as a wedding, renting portable toilets and shower trailers can make your life much easier. You can find these facilities through rental companies specializing in portable sanitation equipment.

The expense of hiring a portable toilet and shower trailer will differ depending on the kind you select and your rental period.

Stahla is a company that caters to those in need of portable sanitation solutions.

Map of restroom trailer rental locations across the US.

Their porta potties come equipped with toilet paper and are available for rent at competitive prices.

Team posing with portable restrooms outside warehouse.

When it comes to outdoor events, having access to clean and functional bathroom facilities is crucial.

Portable toilets and shower trailers provide a convenient and hygienic solution. Stahla offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Overall, renting portable toilets and shower trailers is a smart choice for those needing temporary bathroom facilities.

Whether planning a construction project or an outdoor event, companies like Stahla can provide you with the necessary equipment to ensure a successful and stress-free experience.

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