Stahla Restroom Trailers at the NSAA State Track Event 2024

restroom trailers at the nsaa state track event 2024 in omaha, ne, with people and tents in the background enhance the attendee experience.

Stahla Services is dedicated to delivering top-notch Restroom Trailer Rentals for events of all sizes. This year’s support for the NSAA State Track event in Omaha, Nebraska, exemplified this commitment. By providing exceptional, hospitality-first service, Stahla Services ensured an enjoyable experience for thousands of attendees.

people standing and walking around a parked mobile unit with "shahla services luxury restrooms" and a red beverage truck at the nsaa state track event 2024, enhancing the attendee experience at this outdoor event.

Event Overview

The 124th Nebraska High School State Track & Field Championship took place at the renowned Omaha Burke Stadium. This historic event, hosted by Omaha Public Schools and Burke High for the 53rd year, brought together high schools from across Nebraska, competing to showcase the best athletic talents in the state. With over 30,000 attendees, the event was a significant highlight in the community.

a large crowd of people seated on stadium bleachers under a clear blue sky at the nsaa state track event 2024. some attendees are standing and talking, while others are seated and watching the event unfold. tall lights and trees are in the background, enhancing the attendee experience.

Our Involvement

To accommodate the large crowd, we deployed four Restroom Trailers at the event:

  • One eight-stall trailer.
  • Three four-stall trailers.

Our trailers were strategically placed to ensure easy access for all attendees, providing much-needed relief throughout the bustling event.

When planning an event of this scale, understanding the costs involved is crucial. For those curious about the investment required, check out our comprehensive guide: How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Restroom Trailer?

people are standing in line outside a mobile restroom unit labeled "stahla services luxury restrooms" at the nsaa state track event, enhancing the attendee experience amidst a backdrop of white tents and trees.

Challenges and Solutions

Managing restroom facilities for such a large event comes with its challenges. We anticipated the high turnout and meticulously planned the delivery, setup, and maintenance of our trailers. Our team was on-site to address any issues promptly, ensuring that the facilities remained clean and functional throughout the event. This proactive approach minimized disruptions and maximized attendee satisfaction.

For anyone planning a large event, learning how to rent a bathroom trailer is essential. For a step-by-step guide, visit Planning Your Event? Learn How to Rent a Bathroom Trailer.

athletes compete in a high jump event at an outdoor track and field stadium during the nsaa state track event 2024, with spectators enjoying the attendee experience and a scoreboard visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

Impact and Results

The feedback from both attendees and organizers was overwhelmingly positive. Our high-quality restroom trailers contributed significantly to the overall success of the event. The clean, accessible facilities were a hit among the 30,000+ attendees, enhancing their event experience and allowing them to focus on enjoying the competition.

Choosing the right restroom trailers can make a big difference at large events like festivals. For insights on selecting the best options, read our Guide to Choosing Large Capacity Restroom Trailers for Festivals.

an outdoor track meet at the nsaa state track event features runners on the curved track, spectators, tents, and flags alongside. trees and parked vehicles are visible in the background under a clear sky, enhancing the attendee experience with convenient restroom trailers on site.


Our involvement in the NSAA State Track event exemplifies our dedication to providing superior service and support for large-scale events. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the success of similar events, ensuring that attendees have access to the best possible facilities.

At Stahla Services, delivering excellence, one event at a time, remains a core mission. For those weighing the options between different types of restroom facilities, our detailed comparison can help. Explore more in Porta Potty vs. Restroom Trailer.

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