Why You Need Restroom and Shower Trailers for Your Concert or Festival

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Festivals and music concerts are great for guests to unwind and enjoy their favorite artists performing live. Putting these events together can also be rewarding for organizers with the proper planning. As you finalize the lineup for your festival, consider what amenities you can provide for attendees to enhance their concertgoing experience. Even the most minor details can uplift the moods of every participant.

Your guide to mobile bathrooms for festivals and concerts starts with providing guests with the cleanliness and privacy they deserve. Pay close attention to the following tips for creating a comfortable venue for guests, performers, and staff to create lasting memories.

Planning a Music Festival Quick Tips

Planning a music festival takes careful preparation and getting supplies that all attendees will need. Creating a memorable experience is the ultimate goal for concert organizers. To achieve this, consider implementing the following tips into your planning process.

1. Safety Precautions

Safety should always be the top priority of concert organizers. Make sure to implement safety plans into your festival by hiring friendly and experienced security teams and taking note of the current COVID-19 guidelines in your area. Keeping guests as safe as possible can increase the satisfaction of the experience for all parties.

2. Plenty of Food and Water

Festivals often last for many days. As your guests enjoy participating in performances from their favorite artists, you should provide food and water to replenish them after hours of dancing, singing, and celebrating. Some festivals have provided welcome kits for attendees that include reusable water bottles, so there is no increase in litter from plastic bottles around the venue. Food trucks provide guests, staff, and performers with diverse dining options while supporting local restaurant businesses.

3. Safe Spaces for Breaks

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Concerts can last for hours on end. With spirits high, guests can benefit from a well-deserved break in a designated area to recollect their energy after dancing and singing along to musical performances. Placing bathrooms and extra water here is excellent for allowing attendees to rest properly before returning to the fun of the festival.

What Music Concerts Need to Practice Effective Sanitization

Establishing a clean environment for all concertgoers can help avoid spreading germs and sicknesses. Recent festivals have seen an increase in positive COVID-19 cases from guests who do not take the necessary measures to keep others safe in larger crowds. While it may seem challenging to avoid these circumstances, you can establish a few precautions in your festival so guests can remain safe against sicknesses while they enjoy the concerts.

The special amenities you should have for a concert or music festival include:

Sanitation Stations

You may have seen handwashing stations at outdoor sports events or other festivals. This sanitation step allows guests to stop to wash germs and messes off their hands before returning to the crowds to enjoy the music. You can also provide hand sanitizer at booths or at the entrance to the festival to ensure guests have a tool to help rid their hands of germs from food, hanging onto rails or using the bathroom.

Trash Cans

Have you ever spent time at an event searching all over for a place to throw your trash away? Trash cans are not always essential for concert organizers. However, providing numerous trash cans around a festival can prevent littering and the spreading of germs. Take this extra step for added sanitization. You can protect the environment around you by also including recycling bins around the venue to collect paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

How to Plan Bathrooms for a Concert or Music Festival

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Another great sanitization practice is installing portable restroom trailers for concertgoers. A single concert can range from one hour to multiple, with several shows occurring daily. When festivals last this long, guests, performers and staff members need to have a clean and private place to use the restroom.

Restroom trailers provide more amenities for festival attendees than typical public bathrooms or port-a-potties. Some of these additional features include:

  • Indoor and outdoor LED lights to see better at night
  • Temperature controls to combat intense heat or cold outside.
  • Running water
  • Bluetooth syncing
  • Countertops to set bags and items on
  • Sleek exterior to match designs

Most festivals install port-a-potties for guests to use at their leisure. However, many concertgoers admit to not using these bathrooms due to the lack of maintenance, supplies and cleanliness. If your festival lasts for several days, you must ensure each attendee is comfortable enough in your venue to use the restroom when needed. To ensure their total satisfaction with the festival, you can install restroom trailers around the location of the concerts for everyone to receive the proper cleanliness and privacy with every bathroom break. 

Restroom and Shower Trailer Planning for Your Event

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Restroom trailers are gaining popularity for music events because of their style, cleanliness, and additional privacy. Guests, staff members, and performers can enjoy a peaceful bathroom break after hours of live performances. This added step to the planning process can grant you peace of mind knowing that every attendee is comfortable using these amenities so they can get back to enjoying the concerts as soon as possible.

You can also invest in shower trailers for your festival if you plan to extend concerts to multiple days. This option is excellent for guests camping around the location to get front-row access to their favorite artists. They can enjoy a refreshing shower after a day of exciting events and receive complete privacy.

Restroom and shower trailers mimic the interior of a real bathroom to provide extra space and comfort during each break. Additional features included with each shower trailer include:

  • Private shower stalls
  • Quick heating and AC
  • Sturdy door locks
  • Moisture-resistant floors
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lights
  • Bluetooth sound systems
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