Breaking Misconceptions About Portable Restrooms

Outdoor event with portable restrooms and pickup truck.

Restrooms are a must for keeping guests happy, but not all portable bathrooms are created equal. Many people treat portable restrooms as an afterthought. We’ve put together a list of some common myths about portable bathrooms and the truth so you don’t have to settle for less than the best when it comes to your guests’ comfort.

4 Misconceptions About Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms are no longer a last resort. Check out these portable restroom myths and the facts before renting. 

Myth 1: Portable Restrooms Are Filthy

Portable restrooms are regularly cleaned by professionals who specialize in maintaining mobile toilets. The cleaning process includes scrubbing and sanitizing with disinfectant to ensure every customer has a clean and safe environment. 

Myth 2: Portable Restrooms Are Just for Construction Sites

You don’t need to work at a construction site to use a portable toilet at your location or venue. Portable restrooms make a fantastic addition to outdoor events, business purposes, weddings, concerts and more.

Myth 3: Portable Restrooms Smell Bad

Modern portable restrooms feature designs that make them more comfortable than ever. Many restrooms have ventilation systems that keep air flowing so smells won’t linger. Stahla portable restrooms feature flush valves that open and close when necessary and products like liquid deodorizers absorb odors to keep the air clean. 

Myth 4: Portable Restrooms Are Narrow and Constricting

Portable restrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Luxury restroom trailers have numerous stalls, high-end finishes and showers. Stahla’s luxury restroom trailers even come equipped with multiple stalls, sinks, Bluetooth audio and ample lighting so customers get the space and privacy they deserve while enjoying the ease of a portable restroom.

Why Rent Mobile Restrooms?

Mobile restrooms provide a simple solution that makes all the difference in your event’s success and ensures things run smoothly. At Stahla, we offer luxury portable bathrooms with top-of-the-line designs to maintain comfort and safety.

Mobile restrooms are a necessity for wedding guests, other events and contractors who need to supply toilets for their workers. Whether you plan to host at a venue or need additional stalls for your business, mobile restrooms help you deliver convenience to your guests, workers, clients and family. 

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