Dual Comfort Redefined: The 2-Stall Shower Trailer by Stahla

White mobile restroom trailer on white background.

Stahla Services proudly presents the 2-Stall Shower Trailer, a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and efficiency designed for those who seek the finest in mobile shower experiences. Perfect for events, outdoor activities, or any scenario requiring superior hygiene facilities, this trailer offers privacy, comfort, and a touch of elegance. Upholding the Midwest’s core values of hospitality and reliability, it delivers an unmatched shower experience to guests and participants alike.

White mobile restroom trailer on white background.

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2-Stall Shower Trailer Features

Our 2-Stall Shower Trailer is a versatile and essential addition to any event or site needing high-quality, mobile shower facilities. Designed with both functionality and privacy in mind, it includes:

  • Two independent shower stalls, each equipped with its own changing area, ensuring personal space and comfort for users.
  • Adjustable temperature controls in each stall, allowing for a customized shower experience tailored to individual preferences.
  • Luxurious finishes such as High End Countertops and Full Size Sinks, providing a touch of elegance to the mobile showering experience.
  • Bright Interior and Exterior LED Lighting, creating a safe and welcoming environment at all hours.
  • Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system to maintain a pleasant internal climate, regardless of external weather conditions.

This 2-Stall Shower Trailer combines the practicality needed for outdoor and temporary venues with the thoughtful touches that elevate the user experience.

Modern bathroom interior with shower and sink.
White mobile restroom trailer on white background.

Selecting the 2-Stall Shower Trailer for your site offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Privacy and Comfort: With two separate stalls, users can enjoy a private and relaxing shower, complete with ample space for changing and securing personal items.
  • Flexibility for Various Events: Ideal for festivals, camping sites, sports events, or emergency relief situations, this trailer meets the diverse needs of any group size.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and upkeep, ensuring a hygienic environment that promotes health and safety.
  • Adaptable Setup: Its dual-stall configuration can serve a higher volume of users efficiently, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Dependable Service: Supported by our dedicated team, you can count on reliable delivery, setup, and maintenance, ensuring your shower facilities operate smoothly throughout your event.

The 2-Stall Shower Trailer from Stahla Services is more than just a convenience; it’s a fully integrated solution that ensures every aspect of your guests’ or workers’ needs are met with professionalism and care, enhancing their experience with the comfort and dignity they deserve.

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Versatile Restroom Trailer Solutions for Every Need

Explore the wide range of applications for our trailer rentals, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From grand outdoor weddings to extensive construction projects, our shower trailers offer a touch of luxury and the convenience of home wherever you are.
Bride and groom dancing outdoors near rental trailer.
Outdoor Weddings & Receptions
Ensure your guests enjoy the celebration with the comfort and privacy of luxury showers.
woman on top of crowd
Festivals & Concerts
Enhance attendee experience at multi-day events with accessible, high-quality shower facilities
People gathered outside near mobile event trailer at dusk.
Corporate Retreats & Conferences
Elevate your corporate events by offering premium shower amenities to attendees.
Aerial view of cattle pens and mobile restroom unit.
Construction Sites
Support your crew with the convenience of on-site showers, improving morale and on-the-job performance.
Mobile fuel station and generator in snowy field.
Emergency & Disaster Relief
Offer a vital resource with mobile shower units, providing hygiene solutions in critical times.
Outdoor community event near mobile restroom facility.
Sporting Events & Competitions
Cater to athletes and participants with refreshing shower options before and after events.
Mobile restroom trailer parked outside building
Temporary Housing Solutions
Ideal for renovations or any temporary living situations requiring the essential comforts of home.
Mobile restroom trailers parked in sunny lot.
Film & TV Production Sites
Keep your cast and crew comfortable and ready with on-location shower facilities.
Team of workers outdoors in uniform.

Meet Stahla: Elevating Your Experience with Luxury Restroom Trailers

At Stahla Services, we’re not just a family-run business; we’re innovators in providing luxury restroom solutions that add a touch of elegance to your events. 

Rooted in the heart of the Midwest, our ethos is built on community, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We specialize in transforming ordinary locations into extraordinary experiences with our high-end restroom trailers, meticulously designed for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction. 

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What our Clients are Saying

We had a great experience working with Stahla in renting bathrooms for our son’s wedding. Not only were the bathrooms beautiful and clean they were very well air conditioned. They were so accommodating and flexible with us as we had to work around the timing of a tent setup and tear down that we didn’t anticipate. I highly recommend Stahla restrooms and will definitely use this company again for future events!

Jodi Perez

The whole experience was great! We used them for our outdoor wedding reception and every guest that we spoke with had something great to say about the quality of the restroom trailer. If we have any outdoor events in the future we will for sure be coming back again.

Alexis Lambert

Excellent and thorough! Not only is the company clean and professional, they have talented and thoughtful owners. Every detail is thought out for their customers. I would highly recommend, you will walk away satisfied every time!

Emily Van Horn

Wonderful luxury restroom service! Great communication and response time. My guests were super impressed with quality of restrooms and cleanliness. The staff were super helpful and nice.

Tall girl

Seriously the best portable restroom available! We have rented multi stall trailers for a 3 day weekend event that hosts 200+ people and we have only ever heard compliments from our attendees! Clean, air conditioned, and private (there’s even music playing). And whenever we’ve had any hiccups using the trailers they’ve always successfully troubleshooted our issues the same weekend so we could keep our event going.

Samantha Orrick

We used Stahla Services for our outdoor wedding! Their service is impeccable. They came out early to drop it off for us. They showed us everything we needed to know. My guests loved how they are air conditioned and super clean. Highly recommend!

Katherine Warkentin

In Aug 2023, I connected with Stahla Services while researching luxury toilets needed for our annual gala being held in a private hangar near Centennial Airport, CO.

Though I worked closer with Connor D., I found both the office and delivery/pick-up team members to all be professional, respectful and courteous. They spent a lot of time with me and my staff, making sure we had a thorough understanding of the day-of trouble shooting contacts, and requirements for the delivery/pick-up. More importantly, when they learned of our foundation’s mission and how we serve our U.S. Air Force Rescue personnel, they discounted their fees.

Should we have other events within Stahla’s region, they will be the first company we contact. I highly recommend Shahla Services without hesitation.

Terri Wallace

Our beautiful outdoor wedding was complemented by the exquisite restroom facilities provided by Stahla Services. The trailers were not only functional but also elegantly designed and were incredibly nice! We didn’t have to do a thing because they were well known with our venue. We arrived and everything was beautifully set up! The cleanliness and comfort they provided were outstanding, making a great impression on our guests.

Margy Ronning

Stahla was professional and easy to work with. Our guests gave multiple compliments on the facilities. There is so much to think about leading to and the day of a wedding and it was such a relief to us that we didn’t have to worry about the restrooms at all. Thank you Erin and her husband.

Jake Mcveigh

Stahla has always been our reliable partner, never failing us, not even in emergency situations. Stahla’s mobile facilities are of exceptional quality, meeting the high standards that our clients expect. Stahla’s modern and well-maintained facilities are equipped with adequate lighting and even a sound system. Stahla is our Go-To provider.

Joe “Buck” Daniel
Portable restroom trailers by building.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2-Stall Shower Trailer

If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us.

How does the rental process work?

  • Contact us via phone, email, or our website’s “Get A Quote” feature for pricing and information.
  • Upon booking, receive an electronic deposit invoice for easy online payment.
  • Our delivery technician will schedule a specific delivery time.
  • On arrival, technicians will demonstrate the restroom or shower trailer functions.
  • All trailers feature air conditioning, heating, running water, flushing toilets, and lighting. 
  • For after-hours issues, our responsive support is available through a dedicated helpline.

What capacities do your restroom trailers offer for events?

Our restroom trailers are designed to accommodate various event sizes and durations. For roughly 5-hour events, the capacities are as follows:

  • 1-Stall ADA: Up to 100 guests
  • 2-Stall: Up to 180 guests
  • 3-Stall (ADA): Up to 250 guests
  • 4-Stall: Up to 360 guests
  • 8-Stall: Up to 600 guests
  • 10-Stall: Up to 750 guests

Can your restroom trailers be used on jobsites? What are the capacities?

Yes, our restroom trailers are perfect for jobsites, offering the following daily capacities based on a weekly pump-out schedule:

  • 1-Stall ADA: 13 users/day
  • 2-Stall: 25 users/day
  • 3-Stall (ADA): 35 users/day
  • 4-Stall: 50 users/day
  • 8-Stall: 85 users/day
  • 10-Stall: 100 users/day Note: More frequent service options are available upon request.

What are the power and water requirements for the restroom trailers?

All our trailers require a 110v 20 amp circuit connection, with all necessary adapters and cords provided. The water connection needs are a hose bib or garden hose within 250 feet, though alternative water transport options are available for locations beyond this range.

How should the site be prepared for restroom trailer placement?

For optimal placement, we require flat, accessible terrain. Our trailers can also be placed inside buildings, provided there is sufficient door clearance. Our trailers offer significant advantages over traditional plastic portable toilets, such as reduced odors.

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