Porta-Lisa is a simple, easy to use, 8′ x 6′ 2-Station Unit, perfect for any small occasion.  The Porta Lisa includes standard air conditioning, 125 gallons of on-board fresh water, and a 250 gallon waste tank.

Vin: 1J9HTCB12HH358316

Location: Denver, CO

Transportation Available?: Yes, at $2.99/mile

Last Preventative Maintenance Date: 10/25/23

Last Annual Inspection Date: 2/8/23


These units are NEW. Please reach out for used Plasti-Shower options.

Mobile shower known as the Plasti-Shower. This unit is made for people who want a home shower experience that they can take with them, giving them comfort wherever they are.

Key Features of the Heated Shower Configuration:

  • Enjoy a constant supply of hot water with the propane-fueled, on-demand water heater.
  • Customize your shower with the removable hand-held nozzle and separate hot and cold water valves.
  • The 20-pound propane tank (not included) powers the heater for up to 18 hours.
  • Convenience is key with the vanity shelf, combo soap dispenser, and strategically placed coat hooks.
  • Maintain privacy with the full-length shower curtain.
  • Adapt to any setup with the flexible 2″ PVC drain pipe.
  • Built tough for durability, even in harsh conditions.
  • Compatible with existing Axxis restroom components for easy maintenance.

Optional Item:

  • Containment pan (available separately)

When it comes to ensuring hygiene and comfort on-the-go, a portable shower is an indispensable solution. Also referred to as a mobile shower or portable shower unit, the Plasti-Shower, or Fresh Start Shower, stands out as a premier choice. This innovative unit offers the convenience of a traditional shower experience in a compact, easily transportable package.

The Plasti-Shower, known by its moniker Fresh Start Shower, embodies versatility and functionality. Its portable design allows users to enjoy the comforts of a refreshing shower wherever they are. Whether you’re at an outdoor event, a construction site, or a remote location, the Plasti-Shower provides a reliable and convenient hygiene solution.

At the heart of the Plasti-Shower is its mobility. Designed to be lightweight and easy to move, this portable shower unit ensures that users can access clean and refreshing showers even in the most remote or temporary locations. Its compact size makes it suitable for transportation in trailers, trucks, or other vehicles, ensuring that hygiene facilities are readily available wherever they’re needed.

The Plasti-Shower is equipped with essential features to enhance the showering experience. From adjustable temperature controls to removable shower nozzles, users have the flexibility to customize their showers according to their preferences. Additionally, its durable construction and weather-resistant materials ensure long-lasting performance, even in challenging outdoor environments.

Whether you’re hosting outdoor events, managing construction projects, or providing disaster relief services, the Plasti-Shower offers a practical and efficient solution. With its mobility, versatility, and user-friendly design, it’s no wonder why the Plasti-Shower is the go-to choice for anyone in need of a reliable portable shower unit.\

Engineered for convenience and durability, our plastic portable shower redefines the concept of on-the-go cleanliness.

Say goodbye to traditional porta potty showers and hello to the Plasti-Shower. Crafted from lightweight yet robust plastic, this innovative shower system offers unparalleled portability without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re at an outdoor event, a construction site, or a disaster relief area, the Plasti-Shower provides a reliable and refreshing shower experience wherever you need it.

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