Why You Need Restroom Trailers for Sporting Events

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Stahla Rentals restroom trailer and branded pick-up truck.

From a soccer tournament to track practice, portable toilet rentals for sports keep families and viewers comfortable. Sports games will be the event they look forward to all week knowing that they can use a clean bathroom facility. Complete with temperature control, restroom trailers from Stahla Rentals are perfect if you are looking for comfortable and accessible facilities for sporting events.

3 Benefits of Portable Restrooms for Sports Events

Stahla Rentals provides hassle-free and portable sport restroom trailers to meet your needs. You can ensure visitors enjoy the game as well as the break with a clean bathroom rental.

Here are three reasons why our portable toilet rentals are perfect for your sports event:

  1. Stall capacity: With up to 10 stations in our restroom trailers, you can go in and out with ease. If you’re hoping to relieve yourself but want to quickly return to the event, a larger facility will have less wait time. With seven toilets, three urinals and five sinks, our 10-station trailer is a popular option for big events.
  2. Cleanliness: We provide clean, sleek bathrooms so that the guests at the event can enjoy the space. You and your sports team will appreciate the change from typical port-a-potties.
  3. Accessibility: Your guests at this sports event may include family members that need an extra level of care when it comes to the bathroom. Our three- or 10-station rental trailers come with the option of having a handicap-accessible ramp, handrail and stalls. We enable individuals of all abilities to access our facilities with ease.

Your sports event deserves the personal care that you can only find with portable restroom trailers. You can learn more about our options at Stahla Rentals to treat your visitors with what they need.

Which Restroom Trailer Does Your Team Need?

Depending on event size and length, your team may need a range of options. We offer portable toilet rentals for sports events big and small. Browse our restroom trailers to learn more about anything from two- to 10-stall rentals.

Find the Perfect Restroom Trailer From Stahla Rentals

Once you decide what you need, we will take care of the rest. Stahla Rentals will set up and clean your trailer, and we even provide a quiet generator if there is no nearby power source. For luxury portable restrooms throughout the Midwest area, request a quote or call us today!

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