What to Consider When Remodeling a Commercial Bathroom

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Elegant bathroom interior with twin mirrors and vanity sinks, perfect for a commercial bathroom remodel.

Dirty or outdated bathrooms can be unappealing for employees and customers, which can make them less interested in working with you and can reflect how much you care for your business. Remodeling your bathroom can improve how customers and employees view your business, making them more likely to do business with you.

When you’re remodeling a bathroom, there’s a lot to consider, such as the types of upgrades you want to make and how you can keep customers and staff happy during the process. Continue reading to learn more about things you should consider when updating your commercial bathroom.

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Why Renovate Your Commercial Bathroom

Renovating or remodeling your commercial bathroom is essential for many reasons. Firstly, employees prefer not to work in a place that doesn’t have a clean bathroom. Well-furnished and maintained bathrooms can significantly boost employee morale and satisfaction, making them more productive. 

Another reason to renovate your bathroom is to improve sanitation and cleanliness, which is essential for every workplace. A business that doesn’t focus on cleanliness is less likely to be respected by customers or employees. A working bathroom with plenty of soap, paper towels and air dryers is essential to prevent the spread of germs and keep employees and customers healthy.

Finally, renovating your bathroom can help improve first impressions. Clean and well-decorated bathrooms can help enhance your image with employees, potential clients and visitors, which can help drive more business to your company.

how to do a commercial bathroom remodel

What to Consider When Remodeling a Commercial Bathroom

One of the things you need before a commercial bathroom remodel is to consider what alternatives your employees and customers can use while your bathroom is under construction. You’ll want to prepare options before remodeling so employees and customers know where to go. You also don’t want to choose an inconvenient alternative for those within your business, such as going to a nearby store, stuffy port-a-potty or, even worse, having no option.

Instead, you should consider using a rental restroom trailer to give your employees and customers a more convenient option while your renovations are underway. Luxury restroom trailers can fulfill everyone’s needs and meet the standards of your employees and customers, including a fully stocked, clean and impressive bathroom. 

Stahla Restroom Rentals offers numerous luxury restroom options to fit your business needs. Our trailers have running water, quality lighting and flushing toilets. Luxury bathroom trailers can also help preserve the positive impression of your business, which is essential for retaining customers and improving employee satisfaction. 

Keeping Employees and Customers Happy During The Process

Renovating a commercial bathroom can take four to six weeks, sometimes even longer, depending on the extent of the renovation. Since these renovations can cause inconveniences for staff and clients, it’s essential to take the proper precautions to keep them happy during the renovation process.

Things you should do during a bathroom renovation to keep employees and customers happy include:

  • Informing customers and employees of the remodel: Before the renovation starts, you’ll want to inform your customers and staff about the upcoming remodel so they can plan. You’ll also want to let them know why your renovation is essential for your business and what they can expect from your business environment as the upgrades are happening.
  • Communicate throughout the process: As your renovation progresses, you’ll want to let your customers and employees know what’s going on, so they know when to expect renovations to end. 
  • Sustain cleanliness processes: Renovations can quickly get messy, especially when making significant changes. You’ll want to keep your business as clean as possible for the satisfaction and health of your employees and customers. If you don’t have enough staff to handle the increased cleaning responsibilities, you can always hire a professional cleaning company until you finish the remodel.
  • Manage customer, staff and construction crew traffic: Remodeling can increase the traffic in your store, especially if the construction crew is using the regular entrance. You may need to change your entrances, which means your customers and employees will have to use an alternate way to get into your business. You can keep your employees and customers happy by outing up signage, so they don’t have to try and figure out how to access your business, improving their overall satisfaction.
  • Consider making upgrades during the process: Since you’re already upgrading your business by updating your bathroom, you may want to consider making additional upgrades, especially if you’re based in an older building. For example, you can upgrade your HVAC system to improve employee and customer comfort. You can also implement environmentally-friendly upgrades if your client base is eco-conscious, such as more efficient appliances that reduce your carbon emissions.

How Often Should You Renovate a Commercial Bathroom

Ideally, you’ll want to renovate your bathroom once every ten years. Bathrooms can quickly become outdated, especially with constantly changing trends. Bathrooms can also sustain plenty of wear and tear over the years, so upgrading your bathroom is essential to keep it in good shape for your customers and employees. 

There are many methods you can use to upgrade your bathroom. Some commercial bathroom remodel ideas include:

  • Match the interior: Your bathroom is an extension of your business. You’ll want to match its interior to the rest of your business, which includes color schemes and decor. Matching the interior to the rest of your office helps align the entirety of your business, which helps create a sense of cohesion and alignment for customers and employees.
  • Add new technology: Introducing contemporary technology can give an excellent first impression for your customers and staff and make their experience with your business more enjoyable. Some new technology you could implement includes waterless urinals, motion sensor lighting, electric air dryers and automatic soap dispensers.
  • Work on the fixtures: You’ll also want to consider what fixtures would be beneficial for the bathroom remodel. If you have broken lights, sinks or faucets, they could negatively impact your business’ impression. You’ll want to install durable fixtures to prevent the risk or unnecessary wear and tear, ensuring your remodel lasts a long time.
  • Consider water-saving features: Saving water is good for the environment and impressing eco-conscious staff and clients. Consider installing single-flush toilets, faucet restrictors and motion detectors to help reduce wasted water.
  • Keep it clean: Even once your remodel is complete, you’ll want to keep the bathroom clean. You’ll want to ensure the mirrors are clean, water puddles are mopped up, and chips in the tile floor are taken care of during the remodel. 
how to do a commercial bathroom remodel

Choose Stahla Restroom Rentals For Your Business

If you’re about to undergo a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to ensure that your staff and customers have a convenient alternative that suits their needs. Stahla Restroom Rentals offers luxury bathrooms with all the features you could ever need, including high-quality lighting, updated features, running water and flushing toilets. These features ensure your business can continue to run smoothly while your remodel is in progress. 

Your customers will appreciate your consideration, helping improve their impression of your business. They’ll also enjoy having a high-quality alternative to port-a-potties or going to another location to use the bathroom. Contact us today to get a quote!

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