Restroom Trailer Mechanical Room Walk-Through

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Upon delivery, a technician will go though with you every aspect of the restroom trailer, and test every function. Firstly, we will look at the power hookups.

A restroom trailer requires the same type of grounded power source you’d find in your home that would run a microwave. Larger trailers require individual circuits. A technician will bring all the necessary power cords for you and hook them up as well.

A restroom trailer requires a water source in addition to power. For short events, we will fill the internal fresh water tank for you. For long term commercial projects, we will hook up the restroom trailer to a continuous water source.

A water source has to be within 200 feet of the restroom trailer. The technician will bring the required hoses with them and connect the restroom trailer to your water source.

The electrical functions are all labeled and easy to use. The technician will demonstrate each function as well.

The technician explains the electrical features of the mechanical closet during the delivery. Some of the features include:

  • Main circuit breakers like what you will have in your home. Check the breakers if there are any electrical issues as they feed the main power to the air conditioning and heaters.
  • Switches for internal and external lights, fans, and for water pumps should the internal fresh water tank be used as the main water source rather than by an external hose.
  • There are dimmer controls for all the lights.
  • There is also a fuse box with a detailed cover. Any blown fuse will show up as a red LED.
  • The Bluetooth stereo is available and can be set to play different music in different zones.
  • The air conditioning thermostat is located in the mechanical closet as well. Electrical heaters are controlled from inside the stalls and are mounted on the walls or located by the floor beneath the sinks.
  • There is a battery disconnect switch that can switch power to the attached internal battery; however, that can only supply enough power for lights and short term usage that does not include any HVAC functions.

Plumping inside the mechanical closet will be set by the technician; however, the functions will still be explained. All valves are labeled and are easy to understand.

The technician sets the valves as needed. A hose will provide enough pressure to run the sinks and toilets of the restroom trailer. The water pumps will provide pressure from the internal water tank.

When we deliver a restroom trailer, our technicians set everything up and test every function. You won’t have to worry about a thing, but we’ll still walk you through the unit just in case. This is important should you have a long term commercial project. If an issue arises, we are easy to get a hold of after hours and are here to make sure your temporary restroom facilities are up and running when your permanent ones are down. Email us for more information at

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