Stahla Services Supports Red Bull Distribution Company in Omaha

a worker from stahla services meticulously services a mobile sanitation unit stationed outside a red bull distribution company building with large garage doors in omaha. the worker is handling a hose connected to their nearby truck, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Stahla Services is proud to support the Red Bull Distribution Company (RBDC) in Omaha with premium restroom facilities.

Since October 19, 2022, a two-stall restroom trailer has been stationed at the distribution center, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for both employees and visitors.

The Omaha location, established in 2019, is part of RBDC’s extensive network, committed to sustainability and operational excellence.

a white trailer labeled "solo by onvi" is parked outside a black industrial building with two large white roll up doors, courtesy of stahla services. yellow railings line the path leading to the trailer.


The Red Bull Distribution Company was founded in 2009, expanding rapidly to over 100 locations across the United States. The Omaha distribution center, which opened in 2019, plays a vital role in the company’s logistics and distribution network.

RBDC is dedicated to sustainability, actively reducing carbon emissions, using recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials, and implementing waste reduction programs within their facilities.

a 2 stall restroom trailer, provided by stahla services, with two doors each marked with a gender symbol, is parked on pavestones in front of a dark building wall with two windows above.

Our Involvement

To enhance the overall experience at the Omaha distribution center, Stahla Services provided a two-stall restroom trailer. This facility has been in place since October 19, 2022, offering clean and convenient restroom access for both employees and visitors.

The trailer’s presence aligns with RBDC’s commitment to providing high-quality amenities and supporting the well-being of their workforce.

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a mobile sanitation trailer from stahla services, boasting two doors, is parked outside a building near a garage door at the red bull distribution company.

Benefits and Impact

The addition of the restroom trailer has significantly improved the employee and visitor experience at RBDC Omaha.

Feedback from the distribution center has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff appreciating the convenience and cleanliness of the facilities. This enhancement supports RBDC’s operational efficiency and reinforces its commitment to sustainability and employee satisfaction.

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a person connects a hose from a truck to a portable sanitation unit in an industrial area with two roll up doors, reminiscent of the bustling environment at a red bull distribution center in omaha.

The collaboration between Stahla Services and the Red Bull Distribution Company in Omaha exemplifies the benefits of providing high-quality amenities in a business setting.

The two-stall restroom trailer has enhanced the distribution center’s environment, contributing to its operational success and sustainability goals. Stahla Services looks forward to continuing this successful partnership and supporting RBDC in its ongoing efforts to lead in both logistics and sustainability.

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