Stahla Services at H&H Kia of Omaha: Enhancing Customer Experience

a blue suv and a black sedan are parked in a nearly empty parking lot on a cloudy day, with a white portable restroom trailer labeled "s" from stahla services in the background. puddles are visible on the wet pavement.

Stahla Services is proud to support H&H Kia of Omaha with top-notch restroom facilities. Since December 30, 2022, a two-stall restroom trailer has been stationed at the dealership, ensuring a comfortable experience for both customers and employees.

H&H Kia, part of the H&H Automotive group, has a long-standing reputation for excellence and community involvement in Omaha.

a portable restroom and shower trailer, branded "stahla services," is parked beside a grey building in omaha and connected to a hose.


H&H Automotive has been a cornerstone of the Omaha automotive market since 1930. The Kia dealership, which opened its doors in 2011, continues this legacy of quality and service.

With multiple locations throughout Omaha, H&H Automotive is deeply embedded in the local community, collaborating with and supporting organizations like the Open Door Mission and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation.

a person connects a hose to a white portable restroom trailer next to a truck in an outdoor setting with grass, trees, and an overcast sky, likely provided by stahla services.

Our Involvement

To enhance the overall experience at H&H Kia, Stahla Services provided a two-stall restroom trailer. This facility has been in place since December 30, 2022, offering clean, convenient restroom access for both customers and staff.

The trailer’s presence underscores H&H Kia’s commitment to providing top-tier amenities and ensuring the comfort of everyone who visits the dealership.

a mobile restroom unit labeled "stahla rentals" is parked on grass beside a gray building in omaha. there is a white car, perhaps from h&h kia, in the foreground and an american flag on a pole to the left.

Benefits and Impact

The addition of the restroom trailer has significantly improved the customer and employee experience at H&H Kia.

Feedback from both the dealership and its patrons has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate the convenience and cleanliness of the facilities, while employees benefit from the added comfort during their workday.

a mobile restroom trailer from stahla services with separate entrances for men and women stands against a gray tiled wall. the unit, conveniently placed near h&h kia omaha, has an "s" logo and a small set of steps leading up to each door.

The collaboration between Stahla Services and H&H Kia of Omaha exemplifies the benefits of providing high-quality amenities in a business setting. The two-stall restroom trailer has enhanced the dealership’s environment, contributing to its reputation for exceptional service.

Stahla Services looks forward to continuing this successful partnership and supporting H&H Automotive in its ongoing efforts to serve the Omaha community.

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