Shower Trailer FAQ

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  • Businesses that have locker rooms and need a temporary replacement will opt for a portable shower trailer. Recently, we supplied a coal fire power plant shower trailers due to the plant’s boilers becoming inoperable.
  • Disaster relief organizations rely on shower trailers to provide for people who have been displaced. In the winter, due to the lack of shelter space, cities and charitable organizations rent shower trailers for warming centers. This way, homeless are able to sleep in a warm place and be able to take a hot shower.
  • People that would like luxury portable accommodations for activities like camping or “glamping” are able to treat their guests to a hot shower when facilities are not available nearby.

Shower trailer interiorWhat do I need to operate a shower trailer?

  • A power source that can provide multiple 110 volt 15 amp circuits
  • A water faucet with a hose connection to supply water to the trailer
  • A direct drainage source to appropriately discharge gray water
    – Internal waste tanks can be pumped out, but depending on how many people are using the showers, it may require frequent pump outs.
  • The propane tanks have to be monitored and filled by a licensed propane supplier.
    – They cannot be swapped out like you can with a propane grill.

What are the unique requirements to operate a shower trailer in the winter?

  • They must be powered continuously to prevent freezing. If a generator is supplying power, then it will have to be one that is rated to run continuously such as a diesel generator.
  • Heated hoses will need to be supplied to supply the shower trailer with fresh water.

How do I Rent a Shower Trailer?

Call, Email or fill out our form with the following information:

  • Address of the event or job site
  • Estimated start date
  • Estimated time needed
  • Your power and water availability
  • Email address for a quote

Soon after you will receive an email with:

  • Rental rate including reduced rates for longer term needs
  • Delivery and Pickup Charge
  • Deposit requirements for delivery which can be done all online
shower trailer faqs

On delivery, we will set up the trailer in its entirety as well as test every function of the trailer. We’ll also walk you through the entire trailer so you’re familiar with it as well. Any questions or issues will be responded to quickly. It’s that easy! Take a look at our offerings at or email us for more information.

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