Restroom Trailer Rentals & New Applicants: What we look for.

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At Stahla Services, when we are interviewing new applicants, we are evaluating if the applicant has the potential to support and take ownership of our core values.  We hire and fire based on how well people adhere to our company culture and its values. The core values we hold as a restroom trailer rentals company are Humility, Systemize Excellence, Always Prepared, and Extreme Profitability.

  • Humility is our most important value.  Regardless of role, we are always willing to help anyone at any time.  We have a common saying here that we are all toilet scrubbers.  Whether one works in the office, drives pumping trucks, or delivers restroom trailer rentals, humility creates a culture of support and teamwork.  Practicing humility also allows us to deliver best in class customer service.
  • Systemizing Excellence is how we operate our business.  Mistakes can and will happen, but putting in systems of checks and balances mitigates mistakes.  This not only allows us to provide flawless customer service, it also allows us to be sustainable as a restroom trailer rentals company.
  • Always Prepared is a core value practiced by everyone.  Our office staff gathers and analyzes a lot of data to prepare for the future, and identify where we need to improve.  Our technicians practice this value by making sure they’re prepared to handle the unexpected during delivery.
  • Extreme Profitability is our final core value and may seem like an obvious value to have.  Systemizing excellence supports this value by creating efficient systems for us to do more with less.  Being extremely profitable allows us to take care of employees, customers, and vendors in a generous way.  We want to be generous with our staff because we want employees that have an ‘ownership’ mindset.  We are not a company that micromanages.

Questions to ask yourself if you’d like to be hired by a restroom trailer rentals company

  • Are the in’s and outs of the role something you understand and have the capacity to do?
  • Do you have a day-to-day picture and a desire to do the work?
  • Do you have the mental, physical, spiritual, time, experience, and emotional capacity to do the job?

Knowledge and experience aren’t always required though and we do on the job training as well.  These questions are important because interviewing is a two-way street.  While we are looking for a good addition for us, it’s important to ask if we will be a good addition to your life.

Top 3 Takeaways

  • Do your homework.  What about the company has gained your interest?  Also, what sets the company apart from others?
  • Communicate your intrinsic motivation.  What makes you want to get up every day?  How would you bring that energy and focus into the company?
  • Highlight ways that you will add value. If you don’t have relevant experience, talk about previous job experience that will help you prepare and train with us.

At Stahla Services, we empower and encourage growth amongst our staff.  Staff practices ownership not only of their roles, but of our company.  Because we are a fast-growing company, we provide a dynamic opportunity and the ability to place people in roles they are best suited for and enjoy.  If you are interested, feel free to apply online here or you can email us for more information. Check us out here to see what working at Stahla Services is all about!

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