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Portable Toilet Prices in Colorado Springs

4 portable toilet history from chamber pots to modern design

So you’re throwing an event or starting a construction project in Colorado Springs and need the lowdown on porta-potty rentals? You’ve got it. Let’s cut right to the chase: costs can swing faster than weather in the Rockies, but we’ll help make sense of it all.

Type Matters: Standard vs. Deluxe Units

A standard unit might be your go-to for that outdoor concert or park renovation. They’re typically more wallet-friendly, priced around $75-$125 per weekend. But if Aunt Sally is coming to your wedding at Garden of the Gods and expects something fancier, deluxe units—with flushing toilets and sinks—can run up to $175-$300 each.

Bear in mind these numbers are ballpark figures; they vary based on how many units you rent and how long you keep them. More days? More enormous bill—but often discounts apply when renting longer.

Location & Delivery: Navigating Costs Beyond The Basics

The further from our hub you are, the more gas we guzzle getting there—and yes, this nudges up cost. It tends to stay on the lower end within city limits while venturing out towards Manitou Springs could see an increase due to distance traveled.

If Pike Peak’s calling your name for that adventure race, don’t sweat too much about delivery fees—they’re usually just a fraction of the overall rental price.

Portable toilet rental truck with loaded units.

In the bustling city of Colorado Springs, event planners and contractors often need portable toilet rentals for various occasions. Access to clean and convenient restroom facilities is crucial from construction sites to outdoor weddings.

Local Portable Toilet Rental Providers

The first step in renting a porta potty is finding reliable local businesses that offer this service. Companies like Stahla Services provide top-notch portable restrooms with different features tailored to your needs.

Pricing Factors for Porta Potty Rentals

It’s important to note that pricing can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Type of unit: Standard units are typically less expensive than luxury or ADA-compliant models.
  • Rental duration: The longer you need the unit, the higher the cost.
  • Location: Delivery fees may apply depending on your site’s distance from their facility.
  • Maintenance services: Regular cleaning and restocking could increase costs but ensure cleanliness throughout the rental period.

Different Types of Portable Toilets and Their Costs

portable toilets

Standard Units: This type offers basic amenities like toilet paper dispensers and hand sanitizer. They’re usually rented out at lower prices due to their simplicity – around $100-$150 per day.

Luxury Units: A more comfortable option with added features like mirrors, lighting, or even flushing toilets; these come at a premium price, which could range between $200-$500 daily.

ADA-Compliant Units: Specially designed for individuals with disabilities, these units provide wider doors and handrails for ease of use. These can cost anywhere from $150-$300 per day.

Remember that while price is a factor, it’s also essential to consider the quality of service the rental company provides. Ensure they have good customer reviews and offer timely delivery, setup, and maintenance services to ensure your event or project runs smoothly.

Servicing Frequency: Keeping It Clean

porta potty delivery scaled

This isn’t dinner table talk, but stick with us—it matters for your pocketbook. Essential once-a-week servicing fits most needs (and budgets), especially if usage is moderate, like at a small job site or casual event downtown by Tejon Street shops.

But here’s where being proactive pays off: Taking charge and addressing issues before they escalate can save you a headache. So, stay ahead of the game because it’s all about nipping problems in the bud and keeping things running smoothly.

Key Takeaway: 

Are you looking to rent a porta-potty in Colorado Springs? Prices range from $75 for basic units to $300 for deluxe ones. Remember that the cost varies with rental duration and distance from the supplier. Regular cleaning is vital and can save you money in the long run.

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