Portable Restroom Trailer Delivery Process

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Portable toilets loaded on truck for event services.

The delivery of a portable restroom trailer is as seamless as the reservation and it’s all about communication.

We will reach out to you one week prior to your event or project to confirm the delivery location and dates for your portable restroom trailer. We’ll also double check any power or water requirements such as if you have power and water on site, or if we need to provide it. Schedules change and sometimes little details are missed. This is a great way to prevent any surprises. If you have a commercial project starting, it’s a great reminder to see if the start date is on track or if it needs to be adjusted.

We will also communicate with you the day of delivery.

We will call you the day we are delivering your restroom trailer and make sure that we are arriving at a time that is suitable for you or someone else to meet with us upon arrival. If we’re delivering to a commercial retail project, avoiding times during the most customer traffic is desirable so we don’t interrupt them.

Upon delivery of the portable restroom trailer, we will walk you through the entire unit and all of it’s functions.


Commercial Deliveries:

  • Lights
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Door Locks
  • Sinks, trash, and toilet flushing
  • Mechanical room
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Same functions as an event
  • How to monitor and fill fresh water tanks
  • Mechanical room circuit breakers
  • Propane tank monitoring on shower trailers
  • How to fix simple clogs
  • Special requirements for winter operation
how to set up a restroom trailer?

While we are there, we will connect the trailer to it’s power source and fill the water tanks. We’ll connect the trailer to a water source for long term projects. The trailer jacks will be adjusted to make sure it’s level. We will also test every function in every stall to make sure everything is 100 percent. Our technicians will be open to any questions. Should something come up afterwards, you will be able to reach us at any time.

Special Considerations

Restroom trailers must be placed on relatively level ground.

If you are unsure if the placement is level enough, you can send us a picture ahead of time.

The portable restroom cannot be placed underneath a tree with branches hanging lower than 11 feet from the ground.

Branches can sway in the wind causing damage to the restroom trailer.

There must be a power source and a water spigot within 200 feet of the restroom trailer.

We can provide water and a generator for events you don’t have access. If the water source is further than 200 feet, it may not generate enough head pressure to fill the fresh water tanks. For long term projects, a permanent power source is required or a diesel generator.

We may need the ability to turn around in the placement location with our truck.

Certain locations may require us to drive on grass briefly in order to place the trailer.

We believe in providing you a fast, easy, and pleasant process to have a portable restroom trailer for your event or project that will exceed your expectations in quality and service. We make sure to ask the right questions and double check every detail for you. Email us at info@stahlaservices.com or visit our FAQ page at stahlaservices.com/faq.

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