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Hand Sanitizer Station

In an era where cleanliness is synonymous with health and safety, Stahla Services stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive hand hygiene solutions.
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Hand Sanitizer Station

The Importance of Hand Sanitizer Station

Our hand sanitizer station rentals are designed to meet the growing demand for accessible and efficient hand sanitizing facilities across a wide range of environments. At Stahla Services, we're committed to enabling businesses, event planners, and public spaces to foster a health-conscious atmosphere with our state-of-the-art sanitizer stations.

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Floor Plan


  • Height: 48 inches (1219 mm)
  • Width: 18 inches (457 mm)
  • Depth: 18 inches (457 mm)
  • Sanitizer Dispensers: Equipped with touchless hand sanitizer dispensers for quick and hygienic use.
  • Capacity: Holds up to 2 gallons (7.6L) of hand sanitizer.
  • Number of Dispensers: Double dispenser design for efficient use in high-traffic areas.
  • Material: Durable and weather-resistant construction suitable for outdoor use.
  • Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

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Advantages of Choosing Stahla's Hand Sanitizer Station Rentals

Renting from Stahla comes with several benefits:

Enhanced Safety:

Stahla's hand sanitizer stations are pivotal in reducing the spread of germs, offering an easy and quick way for individuals to maintain hand hygiene, thereby enhancing the safety and well-being of everyone in your space.


Stahla Services offers various models of hand sanitizer stations to suit any specific need, ensuring that whether your space is large or small, indoors or outdoors, there's always a perfect fit.

Full-Service Solution:

From the moment you choose Stahla, every aspect is handled by our team - timely delivery, professional setup, ongoing maintenance, and eventual removal of the stations for a truly hassle-free experience.

Custom Branding:

Reflect your brand's commitment to safety and cleanliness with custom branding options that align hand sanitizer stations with your company's visual identity or the theme of your event.


Avoid the financial burden of purchasing equipment by choosing Stahla's rental services, which include not only the hardware but also the necessary sanitizing supplies, servicing, and support.

Environmentally Conscious:

By providing stations that utilize eco-friendly sanitizers and materials, Stahla helps you meet your sustainability goals and appeal to environmentally-minded customers and guests.


Events and business needs can change rapidly; Stahla's sanitizer stations are designed for flexibility, allowing you to adjust their placement at any time to meet the evolving flow and concentration of people.

Key Features of Stahla's Portable Hand Sanitizer Stations

Our Hand Sanitizer Station come brimming with user-friendly features:

High Capacity:

Stahla's hand sanitizer stations are designed for efficiency, capable of serving large volumes of people with less frequent refills, making them ideal for events with high foot traffic.


Constructed to endure the elements, Stahla's sanitizer stations remain operational in a variety of outdoor settings, ensuring continuous availability of hand sanitizer in any weather.


The intuitive design of Stahla's stations makes them accessible and easy to use, promoting regular sanitization and contributing to a healthier environment for everyone.

Quality Sanitizers:

Filled with top-tier sanitizing agents, these stations deliver a potent defense against germs, aiding in the protection of public health without compromising on skin health.

Durable Construction:

Stahla's sanitizer stations are crafted to last, featuring robust materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, making them a reliable choice for any venue.


Adapt to the dynamics of your event with Stahla's easily movable sanitizer stations, ensuring optimal placement for guest convenience as your event evolves.

ADA Compliant:

Committed to inclusivity, our stations are accessible, ensuring all individuals, regardless of mobility, can use the sanitizer stations comfortably and safely.
Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station

Types of Stations Offered

Stahla Services offers a range of hand sanitizer stations designed for diverse environments. From events to offices, our stations prioritize convenience, safety, and ease of use. Choose from our selection for effective hand hygiene solutions in any setting.


Maintenance and Support

Stahla Services promises hassle-free maintenance of all rented hand sanitizer stations, including:

Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station

Industry Applications

Stahla Services caters to a wide range of industries and events, including:


The Seamless Rental Process with Stahla

Renting hand sanitizer stations from Stahla is as easy as:

Hand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station
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