Long Term Portable Restroom Rentals

Aerial view of cattle pens and mobile restroom unit.

A portable restroom is not just for events. Long term construction projects utilize them continuously.

Finding quality vendors, bidding, and meeting budget targets is a challenge for businesses and contractors alike. Securing a portable restroom should be one of the easiest parts of your project. Let’s look at what obtaining a quote and reserving a restroom trailer looks like.

Tell us 2 things to get a quote for a portable restroom:
**Location and How Long**

Call or email us and we’ll email you a detailed quote. Don’t know what size you need? That’s OK, we can help recommend and give you pricing on multiple options at the same time. Options vary from a 2 Stall, all the way up to a 10 Stall ADA restroom trailer. We offer shower trailers as well. The email includes links to information and pictures of the trailers. Based on your project length, we’ll break down the quote to days, or by the week.

Is there a discount for renting long term?
Yes and we can let you know that ahead of time too.

Projects do vary, but generally after the first month of rental, you can expect to pay 30 percent less for a restroom trailer if you think your project will take 3 to 4 months. Longer term projects can see the rate reduced by 45 percent.

Portable Restroom Needs

You will need a power source.

Commercial projects typically use power from the building front or a diesel generator that can run continuously. Restroom trailers are powered by 110v 15amp circuits just like what you would use to run household appliances. Some trailers require up to 4 individual electrical circuits in the winter to stay properly heated.

You will need a source of water.

Typically a water spigot with a hose connection from the building will refill the fresh water tanks. The spigot must be within 200 feet of the trailer. Water can be trucked in, but that is an additional expense.

Restroom trailers need to be cleaned and restocked.

We recommend the local custodial staff handle the cleaning and restocking of the trailers. This is very cost effective rather than paying for a service charge on a daily basis.

Reserving and Delivery

  • Projects lasting two months or less may require a 50 percent retainer for the total estimated rental cost.
  • Projects lasting longer than 3 months may require a retainer of just the estimated cost of the first month of rental.
  • Billing and payment is all done simple and easy online.
  • We will reach out to you a week before the scheduled delivery just in case there was any schedule changes.

Getting a quote and reserving a portable restroom for your project is easy. It remains easy after we deliver too! Our technicians will walk staff through the entire unit and our office staff are able to check messages and return phone calls after hours and on weekends. Do you need a quote? Email your location and duration to [email protected]

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