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Wichita Laundry Trailers

Convenient and Portable Wichita Laundry Trailer Rentals

Welcome to Wichita's premier laundry trailer service, where efficiency, quality, and reliability are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to provide you with a seamless laundry experience, whether for an event, a construction site, or any temporary setup requiring high-standard laundry services. Discover why choosing our laundry trailers is the smart choice for your needs.
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Why Choose Our Laundry Trailers?

Superior Quality and Convenience

Our laundry trailers are equipped with modern, high-efficiency washers and dryers that ensure your linens, clothes, and textiles are impeccably clean. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness, utilizing advanced equipment that guarantees a quick turnaround for your laundry needs. Enjoy the convenience of our state-of-the-art facilities, designed to meet the demands of any volume, ensuring your event or project runs smoothly without any laundry delays.


Understanding that each client has unique needs, we offer fully customizable laundry trailers. Choose the number of machines, the layout, and additional features to perfectly fit your specific event or requirement. Our team works closely with you to tailor the laundry trailers, ensuring they align with your expectations and needs.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Committed to sustainability, our laundry trailers feature energy-efficient washers and dryers, utilize water-saving technologies, and provide eco-friendly detergents. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional laundry services.

Features and Amenities of Our Laundry Trailers

Modern and Efficient Laundry Units

Our laundry trailers boast the latest in laundry technology, featuring high-capacity, energy-efficient washers and dryers. The interior design maximizes space and enhances the user experience, making laundry tasks convenient and efficient.

Eco-Friendly Detergents and Softeners

We provide complimentary, environmentally friendly laundry products with every service. These eco-conscious choices ensure your laundry is not only clean but also kind to the planet.

Temperature and Cycle Control

Gain control over how your laundry is done with adjustable settings for different fabric types and personal preferences. Our machines offer flexibility to ensure your laundry meets your exact standards.

Accessibility Features

We ensure our services are inclusive, offering ADA-compliant units for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to provide convenient laundry solutions for everyone.

On-Demand Services

For urgent laundry needs, our on-demand services offer immediate, on-site solutions. We're here to support your event or project with fast, reliable laundry services.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Our laundry trailers are designed to be as efficient as possible, reducing energy and water consumption. This commitment to efficiency is part of our dedication to sustainable practices.
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ada accessible restroom trailers
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Benefits of an Wichita Laundry Trailer from Stahla Services

We do our very best to fit our laundry trailers to your unique event or job site needs. At 25’ long, these durable trailers offer up to 200 gallons of freshwater and 950 gallons of wastewater. They are easy to connect to local hookups for electrical and water services, or we can provide a quiet generator for more off-grid situations.

Versatility is the name of the game, as our laundry trailers come in multiple sizes, including:
6-Station Laundry Trailer:
3 Samsung Washers, 3 Samsung Dryers, 1 Folding Table, and 2 Utility Sinks are included in the 6-Station Laundry Trailer.
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8-Station Laundry Trailer:
Includes 4 Samsung Washers, 4 Samsung Dryers, 1 Folding Table, and 2 Utility Sinks.
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10-Station Laundry Trailer:
Equipped with 5 Samsung washers, 5 Samsung dryers, 2 folding tables, and 3 utility sinks, the 10-Station Laundry Trailer provides a comprehensive laundry solution for various settings.
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12-Station Laundry Trailer:
Includes 6 Samsung Washers, 6 Samsung Dryers, 2 Folding Tables, and 4 Utility Sinks in the 12-Station Laundry Trailer.
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All our laundry trailers can be easily installed and delivered to your unique location. In addition, Stahla Services provides a wealth of other options, from ADA-compliant restrooms to portable shower solutions.

Health, Safety, and Cleanliness Standards

We take hygiene and safety seriously, adhering to strict cleaning protocols and maintenance routines. Our laundry services meet the highest standards for health and safety, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.
4 station laundry trailer
6 station laundry trailer

Customization Options for Special Events

Our services can be tailored for weddings, festivals, corporate events, and emergency response needs. We offer branding opportunities for corporate clients, adding a personalized touch to our high-quality laundry services.

Safety and Sanitation Protocols

We maintain the highest hygiene standards, with detailed cleaning and maintenance routines. Our health and safety certifications attest to our commitment to providing a safe, clean service.
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Ready to experience the difference with Wichita's leading laundry trailer service? Contact us today to discuss your specific event needs and how we can support you with our customizable, efficient, and eco-friendly laundry solutions. Let's make your event or project a success with our reliable laundry trailer services.
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