How to Keep Customers Happy During Your Business Remodel

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Remodels and renovations are commonplace, especially for businesses in older buildings. Remodeling can help your business keep up with the modern world and improve customer satisfaction. However, customers can lose patience during the renovation process if it becomes disruptive or gets in the way of conducting business.

Remodeling is an excellent opportunity to grow as a business, but keeping your customers satisfied during your renovations is essential. Use this guide to keeping customers happy during your retail remodel to ensure they’re as happy during renovations as they will be after.

Benefits of a Business Remodel

Business owners choose to remodel their space for many reasons, including repairing damage or replacing outdated technology. No matter what your reason is, there are many benefits of upgrading your business space, including:

  • Increased brand awareness: Word spreads quickly and remodeling your business is likely to get the news out about your brand. Customers will be excited to see how your renovations have changed the look of the space and curious if there will be any new amenities. You can take advantage of the buzz with simultaneous marketing campaigns, helping drive more customers to your store.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Changing your space and making high-quality upgrades can enhance your customers’ views of your business. Remodeling makes a store look updated and fresh and customers will appreciate the new look. Their overall satisfaction will increase, making them likely to return to your store more often.
  • Increased employee productivity: Remodeling can help you make the most of your workspace, allowing employees to complete their work quickly and efficiently. Remodeling can also make employees feel more inspired or creative during the workday, increasing productivity and revenue.
  • Improved property value: In many cases, remodeling your business can increase your property value. Upgrading will let you spruce up the look of the place, improving its curb appeal.

Planning for Your Store Remodel

Remodeling your store is a significant change, so you’ll want to plan ahead. You’ll likely need to remodel multiple times throughout your business ownership, and you’ll want to keep your customers happy while you do. Planning for the remodel makes it easier to keep your customers satisfied and coming to your store.

Before you start remodeling, talk to your contractor about each stage of the process. You can plan your store around the remodel depending on where work is currently taking place. For example, if your contractor starts renovations on one side of your store, you can move all shop operations to the opposite side. Once the remodel reaches your current side, you can switch store operations again.

You can also determine if it’s possible to schedule your remodel around business hours so customers can come in and shop undisturbed. Arranging for off-hours work is an excellent option if the process is loud or would require you to close your store during business hours.

How to Satisfy Customers During Retail Space Renovation

Once you have a general idea of how the renovations will happen, you can plan around them to improve customer service during your store remodel. While you may need to make some temporary changes, you can keep your customers satisfied while you remodel.

Know Your Customers’ Needs

Understanding your customers’ needs is essential to a successful business. However, it’s especially vital during renovations that may be stressful for customers. Customers will still want you to meet their expectations, and maintaining quality customer service is the best way to keep your clientele happy. Here are a few ways you can keep up with your customer’s needs as you make changes:

  • Manage customer expectations: Starting your remodel before your customers know what to expect can leave them surprised and possibly frustrated. Let customers know ahead of time that renovations are happening and why you will be renovating. Let them know how the new space is essential to your business as you advance and what they can expect when they enter your store.
  • Communicate regularly: You’ll want to plan your remodel and how you will communicate about it simultaneously. Let your customers know about your upcoming remodel through your chosen marketing material. You’ll also want to maintain regular updates throughout the process to let customers know when they can expect renovations to end.
  • Manage traffic: During renovations, foot and car traffic can become hectic. Entrances may change to accommodate construction crews, so updating signage will help customers park and enter your store easily.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Remodels can get messy, especially with significant upgrades and renovations. You may have to clean more regularly, but customers will appreciate it and continue to see your business in a positive light. You can hire a cleaning company or simply increase the amount you clean until the remodel is complete. 
  • Consider upgrading: When planning your remodel, keep your customers in mind and consider what they may want you to include as part of your upgrades. For example, you could choose eco-friendly options if your customers are environmentally conscious. If your building is older, you may want to consider upgrading some of the older technology and appliances, such as your HVAC system. Making these upgrades while you remodel can save you money since you won’t have to disrupt your business more than once.

Exceed Customer Expectations With Luxury Bathroom Rentals

Remodeling may cut off access to your bathroom or the bathroom might be part of the renovation process. Rather than asking your customers to do without or driving them to another business to look for a bathroom, try luxury bathroom rentals instead.

Luxury trailer bathrooms are a high-quality experience, just like a luxury restroom you would find in an upstanding business. Your customers will have access to running water, air conditioning or heating, LED lighting and more.

Renting luxury bathrooms will make your customers feel appreciated and considered as you finish your remodel. Existing customers will continue to view your business positively, and new customers will develop a positive first impression. 

Continue to Satisfy Customers After the Remodel

It’s essential to keep your customers happy during your renovation, but it’s also important to continue to satisfy customers long after you’ve completed your remodel. Continue to think about your customers’ needs and plan a business strategy to help improve their satisfaction. 

You’ll also want to stay on top of everything after your remodel. For example, your customers may enjoy the lighting you put in during your renovation. If the bulbs go out, try to replace them as soon as possible so customers can still enjoy what you worked so hard to improve.

Contact Stahla Services for Commercial Luxury Restroom Rentals

Remodeling can take anywhere from days to months. Some remodels focus on minor repairs, while others are extensive. Regardless of how long it will take, you want to ensure that customers still have access to restrooms when they enter your store. That’s where Stahla Services comes in.

We have commercial luxury restroom rentals you can utilize during your renovations. Customers won’t have to worry about where they can find a bathroom and you won’t worry about losing valued customers. You select the number of stalls you need for your business and we’ll handle delivery and setup. Our team members can also guide you through the rental process and answer any lingering questions you may have. Contact us today for a free quote!

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