Heated Portable Toilet Trailers

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Portable restroom trailer by Stahla Rentals parked outside.

There are many situations where you may need to provide restroom spaces. Whether you are hosting a wedding, renovating a client’s bathroom, holding an event, providing restrooms for contractors or workers at a site or simply need a portable restroom in other situations, you have more options than port-a-potties.

With Stahla Rentals, you can offer portable, on-site restrooms that are safe, comfortable and even downright luxurious. Our fully temperature-controlled portable restrooms are heated and have AC, so you can enjoy comfort no matter what the weather. The attractive, modern designs and high-end details make these restrooms pleasant to use.

Our Heated Restroom Trailers

When you rent from Stahla Rentals, you can choose from different trailers designed for your specific needs:

Benefits of Heated Luxury Restroom Trailers

There are many benefits to renting portable bathrooms with heat from Stahla Rentals:

  • We take care of it all, from delivery to set-up to walk-through.
  • Our restrooms are climate-controlled, so you can enjoy heated bathroom trailers for winter and cooled trailers in the summer.
  • Our trailers include luxury features you don’t usually see in portable bathrooms, including Bluetooth audio, LED lights, temperature controls and more.
  • Our portable restrooms are well-ventilated for odor control.
  • The restrooms come with everything you need, including flushing toilets, interior and exterior lights, running sinks and paper towel dispensers.
  • Modern, attractive designs and high-end countertops and fixtures make these restrooms feel like “real” and comfortable washrooms, not temporary facilities.
  • Odor-stopping toilet valves keep your portable bathroom pleasant and clean.
  • Our trailers include men and women’s stalls.
  • We provide exceptional customer service to ensure your needs are met every time.

Contact Stahla Rentals Today for Heated Trailers

There are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to rent heated restroom trailers from Stahla Rentals. Maybe you have a wedding or event and want to provide a comfortable experience for guests. If you’re a contractor or developer, perhaps you want to treat your clients to luxury bathrooms while you’re completing a construction project. Or maybe you want to treat your team to comfortable washrooms on a work site.

Heated restroom trailers from Stahla Rentals provide greater comfort and plenty of room. Because they don’t tip as easily as other portable restrooms and have insulation from the elements, they can also be a safer option for your event or commercial site. At Stahla Rentals, we work above and beyond to provide you with exceptional customer service so your entire experience is seamless. Get a quote from us today to bring comfortable washrooms to your guests, workers and clients.

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