Do restroom trailers stink?

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There are misconceptions surrounding what a portable restroom can provide. The truth is, they can provide a comfortable and clean environment for your visitors, staff, or customers. Portable restroom trailers can be climate controlled, play music, offer sanitation options from sinks to showers, and provide comfortable privacy. Many people have used a portable toilet. Since restroom trailers are self contained, a common questioned asked is: Do restroom trailers stink?

Solutions to mitigating odors

What mitigates odors the most is that the toilets do flush. There is a retractable flap that opens when the foot pedal is depressed, and it closes when the pedal is released. The pedal also controls the water flow into the bowl. Not only is the toilet drain closed from the inner tanks, but the bowl can hold water as well.

Waste is stored separate from the stall itself to provide more room and to help ensure the overall cleanliness of the stall. In this women’s stall, a sanitary hygiene receptacle is located next to the toilet.

Restroom stalls include vents that can be open and closed. They have exhaust fans that can be manually turned on and off. This feature cannot be used in the winter though as it would cause internal heaters to continuously run.

Mobile luxury restroom trailer inside warehouse.
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Further Questions and Best Practices

What else mitigates any potential odors of a restroom trailer?

Deodorizing discs are placed into each stall and changed whenever the trailer is serviced. If the trailer is not being pumped out during a service, holding tank deodorizer tablets are added.

So what is the overall experience of using a restroom trailer compared to a normal restroom?

Opinions may vary, but in regards to the smell, restroom trailers are comparable to a private bathroom at home if it is well maintained. The only factors that would impact any odors would be if a stall had been in heavy use, or flatulence was recently passed in the stall. The primary difference would be the size of the room itself.

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